Thursday, March 10, 2005

Bush going commie,The honorable lobbyist William G. Myers III

Why is it that the Bush administration insists on choosing judges that they know are biased (rhetorical question). Not just a little bit bias, but deep down in the bone prejudicial bias. I guess I'm old-fashioned but I always thought judges were supposed to be impartial. But George Dubya insists on nominating candidates who were formerly lobbyists for special-interest groups, such as William G. Myers III, recently renominated to the Ninth Circuit in San Francisco, Myers initial nomination failed to be confirmed the first time around.

Now I've known my share of lobbyists, but I've yet to meet one that's been burdened with anything resembling impartiality. Actually I think that's the point of being a lobbyist, to advocate for one specific group or approach, often with a reckless disregard for every other consideration. I have to think if the founding fathers knew that a lobbyist was being nominated for one of the highest courts in the land, they would start rising from their graves to march on Washington. Perhaps George Washington himself, bones and all, would come knocking at the White House door for an explanation.

I must say, it sounds much like communism to me. Where a totalitarian regime chooses judges that will support the states immediate concerns, to the exclusion of all else including Justice, the people's interests and the rule of law. The Chinese have just such a system, perhaps Georgie is trying to emulating the Red Chinese and their evil Machiavellian ways?

Apparently this appointment is the administration's response to landowners, specifically owners of massive tracts of land in the West, who say they are being "oppressed" by federal environmental regulators. According to his past statements, Mr. Myers agrees that the rights of these poor suffering multimillionaires and conglomerates are being trampled by environmental regulations... environmental regulations that the Bush administration has already chosen to throw out the window. But these ranching and mining interests are still not satisfied and have continued their appeals for relief to King George. Mr. Myers has likened the tyranny of the nearly gutted current system to what the American colonials faced under the reign of Britain's King George (coincidence that the two are related? I think not). He wants to get that imperial boot of the Federal regulatory commissions off the necks of the strip miners and the polluters, especially after they paid him millions to act as their advocate.

If Myers is appointed perhaps we'll see a revolution on the bench in California, and a new Boston Tea Party in San Francisco Bay. We can all go down and watch as he throws the current environmental laws into the bay, to be swept away under the Golden Gate Bridge and out to sea, never to be seen again.

Conservatives like to rail against the so-called activist judges, judges who stubbornly insists on incessantly weighing the issues and applying those pesky federal laws before deciding against letting some special-interest group walk all over the rights of the US citizens, and raping our remaining pristine natural wilderness. Mr. Myers on the other hand will only put on a pretense of hearing both sides of the argument before coming to a predetermined conclusion. In his courtroom, those annoying rule crazy federal environmental regulators won't even be allowed on the premises to voice their puny objections. But if they do somehow make it past the bailiffs, he'll quickly have them gagged and thrown into jail for contempt of court, if they dare try doing their jobs. And they'll be lucky to get off that easy, because I'm sure if he had his way they'd be tarred and feathered if not lynched outright. They'll be none of that monkey business in his courtroom so often found in the courtroom of judges appointed by previous administrations.

But according to his supporters, Mr. Myers won't be affected by his past views, because they're going to have his mind cleansed... of all preconceptions and ideological dogma. So when he takes the bench it will be with a clean slate, a mind totally devoid... of anything. But it must be asked, is that really necessary, because according to Arlen Specter, Mr. Myers should be confirmed precisely because of his beliefs. It would seem the Conservatives are advocating the selection of people who will make judgments based not on the law or what's best for our nation, but on their own personal ideology. Somehow this sounds remarkably familiar, making decisions based on belief as opposed to facts, judgment or justice. Perhaps we'll see an overhaul of the entire judicial system, where we won't even need laws at all anymore; everyone will just make decisions founded on their own internal morality and bank accounts. My, my, what an exciting time for jurisprudence this will be, truly a (conservative) revolution.


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