Friday, March 18, 2005

Fox news, sex offenders and losers. Plus Black heritage stamps.


I recently noticed a Fox reporter speaking about the murder of Jessica Lunsford by convicted sex offender John Evander Couey. The reporter referred to Couey as a "loser." I was wondering if it was the fact that he was a child molester and murder that made him a loser or the fact that he was apparently staying in a trailer owned by his sister, the implication of trailer trash being present.

If it was the former and not the latter, why doesn't Fox news refer to Michael Jackson as a loser, or for that matter the whole host of American businessmen and CEOs who travel to Thailand, Malaysia and other places in Southeast Asia every year to have sex with young boys and girls.

Seldom are these people ever exposed since they keep their activity confined to places outside the United States (as far as anyone knows) going to great lengths to hide their trips to these places, choosing to fly to Europe first before hopping a flight to the sex bars of Bangkok.

Perhaps being a child molester does not inculcate you into loserdom the way being a financial failure or living in a trailer does. I guess when it comes to the our government, this seems to be the case since according to the Fox reporter Wendy Murphy, these people are allowed to continue their sexual abuse and murder of children because "children don't vote and they don't have any money".


While we often see stamps honoring Martin Luther King, Harriet Tubman, Jackie Robinson, Scott Joplin, Malcolm X. etc. why is it that we never see the little people being honored in a stamp, or anything else for that matter.

How about a Black heritage stamp that pays tribute to how the majority of African-Americans once lived in this country, perhaps portraying a slave driving a mule with the Capitol (capitalism) dome in the background. Shouldn't African-Americans get their props for providing the labor that founded this country?

The slogan, "once we were Kings" came into vogue some years ago within the African-American community. How about taking some pride in being a slave, and being the present day survivors of those who continued their existence under conditions of hopelessness. In my mind there is no comparison between the ignobility of someone who survives by the subjugation of others, as monarchs do, and the true nobility of someone who survives by providing service to others with no remuneration whatsoever. Wake up Black people!


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