Thursday, March 31, 2005

Debunking the rhetoric and validity of the so-called scientific method.

It appears the tree huggers and those hippie liberal environmentalists were right, at least according to a recent study highlighted by the BBC, But I don't think that the fundamentalist Christians and their enforcement arm, the right wing neoconservatives ever really thought they were wrong. In fact according to their ideology the destruction of the earth is preceding at it's biblically predetermined pace.

After all as it’s stated in revelations, the end times are upon us, at least according to CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network). I've been hearing them talk about the end times being near since the 1980s, every time there's anything resembling a crisis anywhere on the planet, it's time to start repenting our sins and killing off the endangered species.

Christian philosophy has always positioned man as the masters of the earth, possessing exclusive rights to its resources, to use or abuse as we see fit. After all if everything on earth was placed here by the hand of God for man's use, if we want to squander it, we can squander it. Therefore there is no legitimate reason to conserve or preserve anything, because it's our personal property, and it's all going to be swept away in the fires of Armageddon soon anyway. Therefore we have no reason to fight the hastening of its destruction, and in fact Christian fundamentalists themselves seem to have a vested interest in bringing about that destruction. So burn those fossil fuels, cut down those forests, pollute that water and wipe out every species, because it's all part of God's plan.

This idea has drawn many allies, most noticeably the forces of industry which rely on natural resources and do the majority of the polluting as well. Christian doctrine is very convenient in regard to the needs of industry, and their advocates are always quickest to point out the bad science of these leftist pseudoscientists. All that nonsense about evolution and global warming and using that heathenistic scientific method in an attempt to prove their crackpot theories, is all just the work of atheists and Satan's minions, those who are going against the will of God.

Of course some would say that these folks are only interested in making a profit, and recently Professor Sir John Lawton, former chief executive of The UK's Natural Environment Research Council, said the these gainsayers have about the same credibility as the flat Earthers and people who believe smoking doesn't cause cancer, but of course he's biased. Just another one of those mad scientists who gets all their information from books other than the Bible, and makes his living with that science stuff, another blasphemer who will burn in the everlasting fires of hell, with only the devil for company, let him tell Beelzebub about evolution and conservation after he's been culled along with all the other heretics.

According to these so-called scientists, it still isn't too late to turn away from the path of unsustainability human beings are headed for, but then we'll only be prolonging what has already been preordained. We must beat Mother Earth into submission as if she were a lipy wife, after all God is the boss around here, and if you've got the nerve to mouth off to him, you deserve a crack in the chops.

Never let it be said that I don't support fairness and equal time to both sides, therefore if you'd like to check out the conservative view, take a look at, <> it's very enlightening.


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