Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Haiti, chaos and death reign as elections approach.

Following Aristide's departure, precipitated by the Bush administration policies which were specifically designed to undermine his government by preventing hundreds of millions of dollars in compassionate assistance from sources such as the Inter-American Development Bank, conditions have steadily deteriorated in Haiti. Money earmarked for food, medicine and clinics designated to reduce infant mortality and juvenile death rates, were prevented from reaching the island in the hopes of promoting regime change at the cost of thousands of Haitian lives.
Neocon elements in the administration painted Aristide as a socialist with Communist leanings.

Currently there is no one in power within the country willing to stand up to the European business interests which have been bleeding the island of Hispaniola of its resources for literally hundreds of years. Vampiric capitalism is the order of the day in Haiti relegating 70% of the populace to living in abject poverty, surviving on green bananas and rice most of the year. Conditions in Haiti are as severe or worse than many of the most repressed and volatile regions of Africa like the Sudan and the Congo. How long will we allow this to go on in the center of our hemisphere right off the Florida shores?

While leading journalists are tortured and murdered, UN soldiers are being manipulated into supporting French and European business interests with the blessings of their parent countries. As elections approach, these interests are pressuring and repressing dissenters through intimidation and murderd.

Nothing is cut and dry in Haiti, Aristide like every other leader before him was faced with the community whose economic base is all but nonexistent. It's hard to run a country when you have no jobs or prospects for creating jobs for the majority of the population. Whoever emerges to lead Haiti in the upcoming elections will be faced with the same dilemma.

Many thanks to The Heretik , for covering recent events in
Haiti .

And for the links he provided.


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